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Competitie Informatie

Welcome to the FIFA 21 Student Ladder Competition! Within this FIFA competition, you can show your FIFA talents to all students in the Netherlands. Prove your worth and go home with a little prize!!
It will be possible to register soon!
Join the discord here: https://discord.com/invite/JBrXMpMNCS

LADDER Information

Hoe werkt de ladder?

Iedereen op de ladder heeft een ranking. Door goede resultaten te behalen tegen je tegenstanders kun je je ranking verhogen. Je kunt anderen die ook deelnemen aan de ladder uitdagen. Nadat ze jou uitdaging hebben geaccepteerd, kun je contact opnemen via de match chat om een moment af te spreken om jullie match te spelen.

Vervolgens kunnen jullie de score invullen en de ingevulde score accepteren. Het systeem verwerkt de scores er werkt jullie ranking bij.

Je kunt verschillende tegenstanders op hetzelfde moment uitdagen.

Hoe werkt je match making rank (MMR)?
Het rating systeem is gebaseerd op het ELO Rating systeem. Daarnaast wordt er nog rekening gehouden met de uitslag van de match. Win je meer ronden? Dan heeft dit meer invloed op de nieuwe rating.





FIFA game settings

Report match scores






1.1 Contestants need to be aware of the rules.

1.2 Constestants should be students within the Netherlands (and / or e.g. part of an esports team of the university or a player of the university football club in the Netherlands).

1.3 Ladder competition will take 3 months in total.

1.4 The winner will get a prize and eternal glory



2.1 Contestants need to be enrolled in Lanergy.

2.2 Games are played on the PS4.

2.3 Contestants need to contact the opponent to schedule and play the matchup.


Fifa game settings

3.1 All matches within the tournaments from one team will be played by the same player. In case of illness or other reasons of unavailability to play, the team needs to contact the admin, as well as the opposing team.

3.2 The games will be played through online friendlies

3.3 The teams used will be of ‘Ultimate Team’, and will have a maximum squad rating of 83, with at least golden players on the bench. The starting line-up can consist of whichever players you would like.

3.4 The usage of custom lineups (changing player positions with ‘square’), is prohibited. Only lineups that are predetermined within the game are allowed.

3.5 If the connection is lost (either to the EA servers or between players), the match will be restarted, set back to the current score and the current minute, and played on.

3.6 The use of loan players and attribute cards is prohibited.

3.7 If the opponent does not conform the restrictions, you have to prove this towards the admins.


Report match scores

4.1 Both teams will confirm the scores within Lanergy and, if necessary, send confirmation through a screenshot of the score within Lanergy.



5.1 Each person that is part of the tournament (staff and participants) will be treated with respect, and will treat all the others with respect.

5.2 Threats, racism, violence or other unrespectful behaviour can result in disqualification of the tournament, and possibly future tournaments

5.3 The crew has the right to suspend a player from a tournament and future tournaments.

5.4 Cheating within the games or taking performance enhancing substances will result in a disqualification of the tournament, and possibly future tournaments.



6.1 Questions and problems can be reported through contact with the admin.

6.2 There is mutual respectful behaviour between crew and players.

6.3 Admin has the final word to make decisions.



7.1 The organisation will have the rights to take decisions that are not specified (enough) within the rules.

7.2 The organisation will have the rights to change or update the rules, in special cases such as software updates or releases of the game.


Player Rank MMR Matches Winrate
1 0 0 -
2 0 0 -
3 0 0 -
4 0 0 -
5 0 0 -

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