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What is ICC?

The Intercollege Clash is an esports student competition that will be played throughout the entire academic year between student associations in the Netherlands. The current competitors are: ESEV Zephyr, Duivelsei Leiden, WSG Paragon, DSEA Delft, Erasmus Esports, TSEA Link, ESA Blueshell and GEA Fairplay. These 8 esports associations will face off against each other through a series of tournaments for Intercollege clash points throughout the year, consisting of different games such as chess, Hearthstone, League of Legends, and much more, so stay tuned for more info!

The Competition format

Each month there will be an ICC tournament where only the members of the participating associations can join. At the end of the tournament, ICC points will be given to all associations based on the highest-ranking of one of their players/teams. Furthermore, besides the ICC points, players will be able to win other prizes as well!

Associations will be able to collect those ICC points during each tournament and at the end of the year, the association with the highest amount of ICC points will be crowned as the Student Esports Association of the Year! Our first tournament will be in April of 2021! For more information and to join the upcoming tournaments make sure to follow us on social media and join our discord.

Our goal

The ICC is a tournament that serves to strengthen the bond between student esports associations in the Netherlands.

The wish is to create a yearlong tournament that members of these associations are excited to compete in for their association. Furthermore, the ICC can serve to create tournaments that normally are not able to be organised with the resources of only one association and to encourage and create more collaboration between the participating associations in general. Moreover, This competition also focuses on not just the improvement between the entities of the associations, but to create a platform where members of the associations get to know each other as well, through competition and through fun activities throughout the year.


# Group A M P W D L
1 GEA Fairplay Martini 14 36 12 0 2
2 Esports Team Twente Blue 14 33 11 0 3
3 GEA Fairplay Mojitos 14 33 11 0 3
4 Erasmus Booty Slappers 14 27 9 0 5
5 Northern Lions 14 18 6 0 8
6 Tilburg UNIted 14 12 4 0 10
7 Dorans Nijmegen 14 9 3 0 11
8 Zephyr Fenrir 14 0 0 0 14

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